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Width:33.8 ft.
Length:18.9 ft.
Area:636 ft.

The Redding is a PREMIUM  manufactured home using 70mm (2-3/4") thick interlocking wall logs.  At 635 sq ft the Redding may be considered large enough to be a tiny home in some municipalities.  With a welcoming reception area that helps divide the house into two distinct areas - the bedrooms are located far from the open concept living area, maximising privacy.  This PREMIUM model is insulated on the interior using metal brackets to mount 2x4 studs with 3/4" tongue & groove boards applied over the studs.  Insulation kit is only 10% of selling price and includes brackets and T&G cover boards.

Tip: Mineral wool insulation is recommended for log construction.  It is impervious to moisture with a higher R-value per inch than fibreglass and is considered a GREEN building material, environmentally friendly insulation.

Kit includes:

  • ready to mount on slab or wood sub floor
  • (70mm) 2 3/4" pre-cut numbered exterior walls
  • (70mm) 2 3/4" pre-cut numbered interior walls 
  • vaulted ceilings
  • roof purlins
  • tongue & groove ceiling/roof boards
  • fascia trims
  • PREMIUM double glazed wood windows
  • entry doors c/w locks, deadbolts, keys
  • window & door trims
  • interior doors c/w hardware