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Width:25.0 ft.
Length:7.2 ft.
Area:1525 ft.


The Topeka is a PREMIUM model manufactured with 70mm (2-3/4) thick wall logs and uses rafters instead of purlins and a 7/12 roof pitch.  The main floor is 25' x 40' = 1000 sq’ with a lofted area of 21' x 25' = 525 sq’ for a total of 1525 sq’.  The living room has a vaulted ceiling of 17' making it feel extremely spacious and luxurious, kitchen, 2 bedrooms,  bath, utility room. Includes loft ladder, railing in loft to view the living area and canopies for over entry doors. Home is ready to assemble on a concrete slab or wood sub floor.  Includes exterior & interior walls, windows & doors with hardware and mortised locks, deadbolts & keys plus interior doors with hardware and trims.

Insulation kit is only 10% of selling price and includes brackets and T&G cover boards.

Tip: Board insulation can be installed between studs, apply stucco wire and stucco over the studs. High density board insulation has an R-value of 6 per” =  R-24 plus the thermal mass rating for the 2 3/4" log of R-12 = R-36.

Tip:  Mount studs with a 1/2" space between studs and logs to feed electrical wiring, no drilling required.

The Topeka can be assembled in 15 days with 4 people and passes structural requirements for building codes. Modifications may be required for earthquake, heavy snow load regions and hurricane zones.  Approved structural engineered drawings available on request for a fee. 

Kit includes:
  • ready to mount on slab or wood sub floor
  • (70mm) 2 3/4" pre-cut numbered exterior walls
  • (70mm) 2 3/4" pre-cut numbered interior walls
  • vaulted ceilings
  • roof rafters
  • loft ladder
  • loft floor beams with 1 1/8" tongue & groove floor boards
  • railing in loft area
  • tongue & groove roof boards
  • fascia trims
  • PREMIUM double glazed wood windows
  • entry doors c/w locks, deadbolts, keys
  • window & door trims
  • interior doors c/w hardware
  • canopies over entrance doors with adjustable posts 
  • threaded steel storm rods for perimeter wall junctions