Coasts - Wood Burning Sauna Stove



Width:0.0 ft.
Length:0.0 ft.
Area:0 ft.

For Traditional Wood Sauna Enthusiasts...

  • Traditional wood burning saunas are very special.  The crackling fire, a gentler hert, soft steam and the ritual of tending the sauna heater combine to create an exciting atmosphere where teh experience of the tradiatioanl Finnish heat sauan with a woo-fired sauna heater becomes the high point of the day.
  • These wood sauna heaters are very effiient.  They heat up the sauna quickly and burn less wood.
  • Weight : 42KG
  • Package size: 77cm x 52cm x43cm
  • Chimney not included
  • Sauna rocks are not shipped with wood burning sauna heaters due to the high cost of shipping.