TOULE 9KW W/Off Board Digital Controls



Width:0.0 ft.
Length:0.0 ft.
Area:0 ft.

Reliable, Economical. Durable.  Those are the streamlines of TOULE wet and dry satinless electric sauna heaters.  TOULE heaters have continuously evolved to give you the best sauna experience. Each heater has its own characteristics that are fine-tuned to your sauna bathing desires.  Wtih safety and brilliance, TOULE heater possess faster heating capability and energy saving featrues.  Those heaters are ETL approved for permanent installation and electrical connections.  Built with splash proof construction, the conducting parts are protected against water.  Each heater comes with an on heater digital controller for easy access an comfortable control of your heater.  To comply with safety guidlines, our heaters are desinged to heat for a maximum of 60 minuts at a time.  To heat your sauna for longer than 60 minutes, simply reset the timer for additional time.

Due to the nature of the 220V-240V hardiwred heater unit, an electrician is recommended upon installation.


  • TOULE Stainless Steel wet adn dry sauna heater is good for small and medium sized sauna rooms (for 7-8 persons)
  • Reliable. Econimc. Durable, CE and ETL Certified
  • Made of stainless steel for reliability, long life and the modern look
  • Comes with NTS-100 wall digital controller for easy access and comfortable control of your heater
  • Heat up faster with this powerful 9KW sauna heater 
  • Power: 9KW, 220-240 V 2 phase wiring, 60 Hz
  • Stove requires addtional purchase of Stones if not included in the Sauna kit