Width:18.1 ft.
Length:16.4 ft.
Area:298 ft.

Classic models are production models manufactured with 1 5/8" thick wall logs. (not available in custom sizes)  Classic models have double glazed, weatherstripped windows and doors.  Decorative solid wood doors are built with laminated styles and rails, mortised locks, deadbolts keys and removable wood grills.  Each model includes treated floor beams with 3/4" tongue & groove floor boards and base trims.

The Luna is a 2 room model with double wide entry door and plenty of windows for light. The second room is a built in sunroom.  A spectacular extended living space that can be assembled by 2 people in 2 days.

Classic Model Kit includes:

  • 1-5/8" precut stacking logs (40mm) for exterior and interior wall
  • double wide entry doors with hardware & trims
  • double glazed wood windows/doors
  • double wide interior french doors
  • treated floor beams
  • 3/4" T&G flooring
  • window & door trim
  • removable wood grills
  • roof beams – 3/4" T&G roof boards
  • fascia boards
  • base trims
  • exterior deck railings
  • treated floor boards for deck
  • wooden storm straps