Width:28.0 ft.
Length:30.0 ft.
Area:840 ft.

The Washington is a new model brought into production in July 2023 and we are offering this comfortable 2 bedroom unit at an exceptional opening sales price.  This tiny home has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom with an open living space.  The front and side walls can be reversed during assembly to allow the side entry door on teh left or right.  The walls are solid wood using 70mm (2-3/4") thick wall logs with a thermal mass of R-12 and has 4" x 8" roof beams.  The total footprint is 29' x 30' for 840 sq ft of space.


Tip: Mineral wool insulatino is recommened for log construction.  It is impervious to moisutre witha  higher R-value per inch than fiberglass and is considered a GREEN building material, environmentally friendly.

Tip: House wraps & Vapour barriers are required in most regions when insulating. Vapor barriers are installed on the warm side of walls i.e: interior of the studs for cold climates and exterior of studs for hot climates.

Assembly: The kit is picked up or delivered to site and ready to assemble on a wood floor or concrete slab.  This kit can be assembled in approximately 7 days or less wth 3 people.

Building Codes: Passes structural requirements for building codes in Canada including requirements for earthquake, heavy snow load regious and hurrican zones.

Insulating the roof: Apply locally supplied materials to add rafters over the T&G roof boards.  The build up in depth is determined by the required R-value in the roof to meet local building codes.  High density spray foam provides maximum benefits, highest R-value for thickness and is waterproof.  These added rafters also increase the roof load capacity.


Kit includes:

  • no fllor, ready to assemble on a concrete slab or wood doundation
  • pre-cut, numbered exterior walls
  • pre-cut numbered interior walls,
  • pre-cut, numbered gable components
  • vaulted, cathedral ceilings
  • pre-cut, 100 ,, x 200mm (4" x8") numbered roof purlins, beams, spaced 22" or less
  • Pre-cut, numbered (18mm) 3/4" T&G roof boards
  • 4 Interior doors
  • 2 single wood windows
  • 3 double wide wood windows
  • 2 exterior doors 1/2 tempered glass
  • hardware for doors and windows
  • threaded steel storm rods for perimeter wall junctions
  • 2 spare wall logs / spare roof boards
  • 400 - 8" log screws to connect first 2 rows, gable components, purlins