Grizzly Woodstove prices start from....



Width:0.0 ft.
Length:0.0 ft.
Area:0 ft.

The Grizzly mini woodstove is a winter model designed for small square footages of less than 200 sq ft with high ceilings.

  • Easy to install and operate
  • Measures only 13" wide and 15" high and 12" deep
  • Eco-friendly
  • Produces very little smoke due to its secondary combustion system!
  • Much safer than a diesel or propane woodstove
  • Removes humidity from the cabin
  • Rail is easily removable - if you remove the rail you have a cooking area of 6 1/2" from the flue to the edge of the plate and 13" from side to side
  • Requires a clearance of 20" in all directions without shielding
  • Clearances reduced to 3" when using proper mounting and shielding - MOUNTING AND SHIELDING SOLD SEPERATELY
  • Accepts wood about 6 3/4" long.  It could be cut slightly longer but 6 3/4" allows for good airlfow around the sides and it does not damage the insulation on the inside.


For Stoves


  • Never operate your stove without carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Never open a window, hatch or door downwind of the stove
  • Never use liquid fuel or any other material containing fuel to start the fire
  • Do not operate your stove when the stove door is open
  • Never leave your stove unattended when in use
  • Inspect and clean your flue pipe regularly (weekly, until you determine your own cleaning schedule)
  • Keep fuel lamps, fuel containers, aerosol cans and any other combustibles at least 6 feet away from the stove
  • Do not touch the surface of the stove when in use
  • Never leave children and pets unattended when stove is in use
  • Never use your stove in very rough seas
  • Do not dry wet clothes directly on the stove
  • Your appliance requires periodic maintenance and cleaning.  Failure to maintain your appliance may lead to smoke spillage in your boat, cabin or RV
  • Never clean stove when your stove is hot
  • Children and adults should be alerted to the hazards of high surface temperature and should stay away to avoid burns or clothing ignition
  •  Due to high temperatures, the appliance should be located out of traffic and away from furniture and draperies
  • Even after the appliance is out, the stove and the glass will remain hot for an extended period of time
  • Under no circustances should this appliance be modified
  • Do not operate the appliance with the glass door removed, cracked or broken
  • Do not strike or slam shut the appliance glass door
  • Always allow a small amount of air to enter cabin, open a window, hatch or vent up wind from the stove to replace air consumed by the stove 
  • Non-toxic smoke will be emitted during the first hour of operation as the paint is curing.  Open windows or hatches as required to vent cabin.  Or you can cure the paint outdoors by attaching a couple sections of stove pipe to the stove and lighting it outside.  To elimate the odor can take up to 20 - 30 hours of burn time
  • Never opeate the stove without the baffles being installed correctly