Deluxe XL Wood Fired Hot Tub With Liner (8-10 people)


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The World's Most Efficient Wood Burning Hot Tub!

We are so excited to introduce the BEST wood burning hot tub on the market.  Our hot selling Deluxe wood burning hot tub with fiberglass lining is the epitome of quality, luxury, and eco-friendly hot tubs.  This is for people who are not keen on spending any extra time on setting up or cleaning the standard wooden hot tub and want an easy out-of-the-box wood burning hot tub produced in Europe by the largest producer of extremely high quality, exceptionally efficient wood heated hot tubs.

The Highest Quality Materials

At its foundation, a great product starts with high-quality materials that have been proven to stand the test of time.  That is why we carefully select each one in order to create the most durable and enjoyable hot tubs we can.  Boasting the quickets heat up times when compared to other wood burning hot tubs a Deluxe wood fired hot tub will last a lifetime.

Clever by nature the Scandinavian designed stove in this wood-burning hot tub creates a vacuum effect causing the water to circulate naturally.  In addition the air between the liner and wood cladding is super heated to decrease the heat tup time by 70% when compared to traditional wood burning hot tubs.  The stove is cleverly integrated in order to pull in all the cold water through a lower channel, heat it and redistribute it through a second, upper channel to achieve an even temperature.

Extremely Fast Heat Up Time

Due to the extremely efficient design this hot tub heats up in 1/3 of the time as a traditional wood burning hot tub.  This tub will get you from 5C to optimal soaking temperature (35C) in 2-2.5 hours.

The Most Effective Stove

This Scandinavian designed wood-burning hot tub has a corrugated stove as well as a secondary chamber to transfer heat from the smoke.  These help reduce wood consumption by 50% compared to traditional models.  Yo maintain this efficiency, the stove self-cleans to prevent the build-up of tar.

Luxury Hot Tubs Call For Superior Comfort

The integration of the stove between the wood cladding and the tub creates a pure, open bathing areat that can fit in more people.  The ergonomic shapes guarantee optimal comfor for hours on end in your luxury hot tub.

Please note that it may not be possible to install in all residential areas depending on your specific location.  This item does however fit in the back of a standard pickup truck allowing for easy depot pickup. 

  • Capacity : 8-10 people
  • Heating time - The fastest on the market! 2-2.5 hours 
  • Weight : 760lbs
  • Volume of water: 435 gallons
  • External diameter: 88.5"
  • Internal diameter: 83"
  • Height: 39"
  • Stainless steel internal wood burning stove
  • Leak-proof Fiberglass insert
  • Insulated Cover
  • Thermalwood Spruce exterior
  • Fiberglass available in Slate Grey

Please note : stairs, cover & chimney may differ slightly from photos.

Two Tier Step 


Step into your hot tub with ease.  Produced with our red-brown heat-treated wood.  the same material used for the panelling of the panel.  Elegantly adjusted to the rounded shape fo the hot tub.

Insulated Cover Included 


A luxurious insulated cover made of marine-grade vinyl, water resistant foam insulation and reinforced with a steel frame.  Foldable in the center for ease of use.  When heating the lid can remain on the hot tub. 

Scandinavian Quality 


Our hot tubs are built for long lasting durability and no detail is overlooked.  Our hot tubs have unmatched quality, remarkable European craftmanship and unparalleled beauty.  Our wood burning stoves are made of saltwater resistatn stainless steel.  the Ergonomic basin is compsed of 5 layer glass fibre reinforced plastic.  The solid steel base allows for immediate easy use with a Rust-proof chimney made of fire-polished stainless steel. 

Eco-friendly & Efficient 


Boasting the quickest heat up times when compared to other wood burning ho tubs our Deluxe XL model will heat up in 2-2.5 hours.