Classic Internal Wood Fired Hot Tub 6'W x 4'H (5 Person Deep)


Width:0.0 ft.
Length:0.0 ft.
Area:0 ft.

For the purist at heart this 100% Canadian red cedar wood burning hot tub is a real show stopper.  Amazing for those hard to access locations this kit comes flat packed for easy transport.  We have done all the 'heavy lifting' just follow our detailed manual and install anywehre you have a flat spot or desire a 100% off grid hot tub.

With a 6 person capacity, this classic cedar / thermodwood wood burning hot tub comes with an internal wood-fired burner made of 100% marine grade stainless steel.  The wood-fired heater is the most economical, energy efficient and environmentally friendly way to bring a hot tub up to an maintain a comfortable temperature.  It is also extremely quick, it shoudl take you 3-4 hours to bring your water temperature from 40F to 104F.

Internal heaters offer the fastest heating time possible as there is almost zero heat escape from this economical heating sorece.  This is our Executive model and is finished to an extremely high standard.  Enjoy the natural sounds of a wood burning fire while the soothing heat memelts waay the streess of the days activities.

We select the best Canada red cedar for its natual resistance to rusts and insects. 

Simple Self Assembly

Designed with the home owner in mind our outdoor sauna kits are typically put together in 4-6 hours

Perfect for the cabin

Keep the traditional feel of your cottage or cabin with a wood burning cedar hot tub

Lifelong Relaxation

Bring the spa experience to the comfort of your own home with a wood hot tub.

Enjoy the beauty of Wester red cedar hot tubs

100% Canadian Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is one fo the most commercially valuabel species,  It's exceptional working properties like natural resistance to termites, rot and decay make it an ideal choice for outdoor applications. 

Just add Wood, Water and a Match

Eco Friendly & Efficient

Our wood burning hot tubs do not require electricity so you can put them virtually anywhre.

Luxury cedar hot tubs call for Su[erior Craftsmanship

Our hot tubs are built for long-lasting durability and no detail is overlooked.  Our cedar hot tubs have unmatched quality, remarkable craftmanship and unparalleled beauty. 

Top loaded for easy access, our wood fire hot tubs contain a cedar fence to protect bathers from teh wood stove.  the cedar hot tub kits are extremely simple to put together, any one with novice woodworking skills could build one in approximatley 2-4 hours.  all the assembler will needis a level,  Phillips screwdriver, 7/16" and 9/16" open end wrenches, 9/16" deep socket wrentch, vise grips, and a mallet.


Our 100% virgin vinyl hot tub liner is designed speciially to fit with a minimal appearance that presernves the rustic adn tiemless beauty of a cedar tub.  There are numberous benefits associated wtih a vinyl liner.  Firstly, lined cedar tubs are much easier to clean, sanitxze adn mainatin.  The liner eliminates a host of issues like leaking, tannin leaching and wood-rot.  Liners also make the tub more comfortable to sit in, as there will be no rough edges or spliniters.  Another important benefit of the liner is that it provides the option of adding a layer of high-performance insulation between the liner and wood.  the insulation more than doubles the R-value of the wood alone, meaning your water will stay warmer for much longer.

Our liners are constructed of 100% Virgin Vinyl, custom designed adn computer cut for your hot tub.  formultated to fight of mold, mildew, the fading effects fo teh sunlihgt, heat and chemicals.

Please note: reflective insulationh and insulation tape is not included and should be sourced locally.

Starting in 2022, the hot tub liner must be used to prevent leaks.  Previously, some customers chose to use their hot tub without the liner as they preferred the all-wood aesthetic.  Due to a chnage in our stave design, tubs can no longer be used unline. Using the tub without a liner will reuslt in leaks. 

No shower - Add an outdoor shower or Deluxe out door shower....