Ahh Natural 1 year water care kit


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The natural way of keeping your hot tub clean!  Imagine soaking in pure natural mineral water.  Many of our cedar hot tub owners look for alternative, eco-friendly sanitizers that don't require harsh chemicals.  We have found an option that is 100% natural minerals and non-carcinogenic, that will extend the life of your water and help you feel good.

How ahhNatural works

This proprietary blend of minerals created a continuous ion exchange between the minerals in the bag (copper, silver and zinc ions) and the water molecules.

Soaking on a higher level.

Many wood-hot tub owners adopt the Japanese style bathing called Ofuro.  AhhNatural can enhance this experience by creating a nourishing wellness oasis and significantly extending the life of the water.

We recommend that our customers shower before entering the tub adn have to replace the water every 2-3 weeks.   After each water change, teh tub is lightly scurbbed with a dilution of household bleacho r peroxide before refilling.

Wooden spas & hot tubs

The AhhNatural kits last for 1 year and has been around for more than a decade and works with or without ciurculation.

What comes in the ahhNatural 1-year Kit

  • 1 - ahhnatual mineral bag
  • 6lb. ancient sea salt
  • 2oz each AhhUP (sodicam bicarbonate ) and AhhDown (vitamin C)


Please note: This Ahh Natural Kit is for wood stove hot tubs only.  If you are using a natural celaning system, we still recommend you treat your ater with an oxidizing shock on a weekly basis.  Water treated with natural systems should be changed regularly.