Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent Large


Width:26.0 ft.
Length:0.0 ft.
Area:530 ft.

The 26ft geodesic dome tent offers modern comforts and enables outdoor enthusiast to stay enthused, but also stay comfortable and cosy!

Our off grid eco-friendly tents can be setup in any location with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.  They are designed to run completely off grid with a solar powered ceiling fan and wood stove, but can also be wired with electricity if you prefer.  All the Geodesic Domes are built with high quality materials and components and should last over 15 years if it is looked after well..

The 26 ft dome tent is a roomy indoor space reaching 530sq ft of floor space.  With this amount of room, you can design the tent to the comfort of your own home.  Please note that the tent does not come furnished and can be decorated and furnished with your own unique flare and style.

Our geodesic Domes have a strong structure which is constructed by a quality iron pipe with galvanized surace.  It can withstand heavy snow and high winds.  The dome cover is made of a wateroof, UV- protected, and fire retardant white PVC.

Make Your Dome Warmer In Winter & Cooler In Summer 

Want your geoodesic dome to stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter? Regulate the temperature with our Heat/Cold Insualtion Fabric Layer.



26ft Geodesic dome tent includes the following:

  • High quality steel geodesic structure made of hot galvanized steel tubing wiht plastic coateing - Diameter 26* with 2.5*mm thickness
  • Commerical grade glass & aluminium door with locking abilities included
  • Neutral solid Geo Dome cover (PVC - 850gsm) with large transparent bay windows on the front and a large stargazer window at the top and center.
  • 4 opening porthole windows with bug screens for air flow
  • pre-cut &sealed openings for the solar fan & chimney pipe
  • Beautiful neutral curtains & rod are included
  • Operating temperature: -30c to +70c (with proper insulation & heat source)**
  • Wind load 120km/h
  • Snow load: 50kg/m2
  • Premium wood flooring, sub zero cotton or alumimum insulation, wood stove, chimney kit, adaper and solar ventilator fan all sold seperately.


We HIGHLY recommend adding one of our wood fired stoves to your order.  Our wood stoves are the most efficient  way to heat the dome.  With a toasty warm tent, you can relax, put your feet up, and enjoy the great outdoors all year round.