Baltimore 2

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$121,490.00 $85,650.00

Width:43.8 ft.
Length:28.4 ft.
Area:1245 ft.

In Stock - ready to Ship

The Baltimore 2 is a solid wood home using 68mm (2-5/8") thick wall logs.  Kits are in stock and ready to ship with transit times of about 7 weeks from confirmed order date,  The kit is delivered ready to mount on a concrete slab or wood floor over a crawl space or basement or subfloor with helical piles or piers.  Ths model has 1245 sq ft with 4 bedrooms, large open living space and 101" high walls with a vaulted ceiling throughout.  The pulins are double stacked and spaced 24" on centre of less.  This model includes our exclusive NEW PVC oak woodgrain, double glazed LOW-E maintenance free windows.  These unique windows come with an exteriror rolling shutter that is controlled from the interior, providing added security, improved insulating qualitites, reduced noise & complete darkess for extended sleeping.

Insulating Kit add 10%:  Adding insulation to the interior walls is required to meet most building codes, with a few exceptions.  Attach studs to the inside of the logs using metal brackets; insulate, wire and cover the wall using tongue & groove wall cover boards.  Kit includes brackets and 3/4" tongue & groove wall cover boards.

OPTION: use studs on the outside, insulate & wire then cover the exterior with locally purchased maintenace free siding of your choice. 

The solid wood log has a thermal mass rating of R-12.....add insulation and you can achieve exceptional energy efficiency and meet current building codes.

Insulating the roof:  Use local materials.  Rafters are installed over the tonge and groove boards. The size of rafters depends on insulating material and the R-value required to meet local codes.  Insulate & apply metal roofing or shingles.  High density spray foam provides the highest R-value for thickness & makes the roof water proof.

Tip: Mineral wool insulation is recommended.  It is impervious to moisture, has a higher R-value per inch than fiberglass, reduces noise levels, is rodent & pest resistant plus it is an enviornmentally friendly insulation.

The Baltimore 2 can be assembeld in 12 days with 3 people & passes structural requirements for building codes

Kit includes:

  • no floor, ready to assemble on a concrete slab, wood floor over piers or piles, crawl space or basement 
  • pre-cut, numbered exterior walls
  • pre-cut, numbered interior walls
  • pre-cut, numbered gable components
  • vaulted, cathedral ceilings
  • pre-cut numbered roof purlins, beams
  • pre-cut, numbered T&G roof boards
  • pre-cut, numbered fascia boards
  • prebuilt sectional deck railings, vertical balustrades, handrail, adjustable posts
  • PVC oak grain maintenance free windows c/w exterior roller shutters, heavy duty tilt & turn hardware
  • window boxes 6.88" ( 175mm) deep to accommodate fully insulated wall thickness, includes interior & exterior trims
  • 2 wood entry doors, locks, deadbolts, key, trims 38 1/2" x 79"
  • 6 interior doors, hardware, trims 331/2" x 79"
  • 7-1/4" log screws to connect log rows, gable components, purlins
  • spare wall logs/ spare roof boards